The municipality of Aix-les-Bains is bordered by nine communes. To the north, the municipality adjoins the territory of Brison-Saint-Innocent . To the northeast, Aix is bordered by the commune of Grésy-sur-Aix . Then, to the east, in the continuity of the Aix heights, the commune of Pugny-Chatenod is followed by the commune of Mouxy towards the southeast. Further to the southeast, Aix shares the boundaries of its territory with the neighbouring commune of Drumettaz-Clarafond . It follows south to the communes of Viviers-du-Lac and Tresserve . Finally, in the west, there are two communes bordering Aix, across the lake. These are Bourdeau , La Chapelle-du-Mont-du-Chat . One of the specific limits of the municipal territory of the commune of Aix-les-Bains, on its western side, is the existence the boundary imposed by the Lac du Bourget. This limit of territory is shared with five other municipalities, these being Bourdeau, Brison-Saint-Innocent, La Chapelle-du-Mont-du-Chat, Tresserve and Viviers-du-Lac.

We invite all SOUCYS in North America who are descendants of Jean Soucy (called La Vigne) and Jeanne Savonnet, and are exploring their roots in France circa 1650, as well as SOUCYS in France whose roots go back to medieval Normandy, to join the Association. Together, we can retrace our family roots, and help write our shared family history.

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