The Big Bands series was first issued in the 1983-86 period as a half-speed mastered, two-LP vinyl box set. It was also available on cassette tape. The box was beige with a representation of the artist in a square in the middle of the front cover. Liner notes were on a single 12x12-inch sheet, printed both sides, in black and white. Catalogue numbers for the vinyl box sets followed an STBB- series prefix, while the prefixes for the CD issues used an R960- prefix. The volume numbers did not correspond from the vinyl set to the CD set. Where we know the CD volume number, we have included it in the discography below. We have come across 29 volumes of this series, although there may have been one or more others. The label used on the vinyl LP sets was gold with black print.

The subscription was again offered in 1992-94, this time on CD. The contents of each set appear to be identical to the LP box set counterpart. The beige in the box set cover was changed to black for CD release. The CD releases were on a single CD that contained all the music from the 2-LP vinyl set. Apparently, although all the single artists LP sets were reissued on CD, the various artists sets were not, with the exception of a 10-song abridgement of the World War II LP set [STBB-28].

When the Big Bands series was offered on CD, the marketing envelope opined, "Priced so low you'll think it's the forties!" With a sign-up for the CD series, Time-Life offered a free set of drink coasters with the Big Bands logo.

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Artie Shaw - The ChantArtie Shaw - The ChantArtie Shaw - The ChantArtie Shaw - The Chant