Composer John Boswell had been experimenting with sampling and remixing for some time before creating his first YouTube videos. Boswell had worked with Auto-Tune in the past and thought people might be interested in hearing American astronomer Carl Sagan sing. He first saw Cosmos in 2004 and soon after bought the set of DVDs. Boswell looked through these episodes for "profound quotes" that lacked music in the background. Once he found these quotes, Boswell Auto-Tuned Sagan's voice and picked from the best ones. After completing what became "A Glorious Dawn", Boswell posted the video on YouTube in September 2009 and to his surprise, the video went viral within a week. [1] [2] To date, the video has received nearly ten million views and is ranked as one of the top rated videos of all time in the music category. [3]

The album is a combination of complex jazz fusion elements influenced directly by guitarist Allan Holdsworth 's unique guitar style and overall musical approach. The disc comprises one long song, which is indexed into 29 tracks. The length of each section ranges from around 20 seconds to 2–3 minutes. [1] [2] The album contains several references to the work of Meshuggah. The last track, "Tathagata", is very similar in melody to the ending of the song "Sublevels" from Destroy Erase Improve .

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Soul Scientist - Remixed SoulSoul Scientist - Remixed SoulSoul Scientist - Remixed SoulSoul Scientist - Remixed Soul