OUT NOW !!http:///title/463311/ethnic early feedback: TOTO CHIAVETTA "Super nice tunes! 01 is my favorite!" PABLO FIERRO "very nice album! love it, full support" JOSE MARQUEZ (Tribe Records/LA) "Great album full of percussion goodness! Great for any dancefloor" SAVIO DE SIMONE "it is a real emotional journey that starts from pure African rhythms until arriving in feel ethnic atmosphere that capture the soul! great job my great friend Max !!!!!" MARCO FINOTELLO "This is a very solid album,great production and amazing grooves,totally support!!!" JUSTIN IMPERIALE "Yes, very nice bro! I like #5 a lot. They are all bangin but #5 was my favorite." ANTHONY K "heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy just heard your album!!!! greaaaaaaaaattt!!!!!!!!!!" MIKE STEVA "My brother very very nice work on the album Ethnic 06 for me is the one!! Well done and congrats!" ADAM GIBBONS "Keep up the Great Work!" GEORGE VIBE "My bro! Ethnic is some really really nice work my friend!! Congrats on this Album!! MARK DI MEO “Bravo! Ethnic 07 ..Monster" CLAUDIO PASSAVANTI "Amazing work" DAVID MONTOYA "Dopeness" OSCAR P "Very Nice, will support...some great grooves, good work" Reviews: MIKE FOSSATI ()"Italy's M. Caporale is about to release his first album "Ethnic" through MoBlack Records. Eight tracks plus an intro and outro are included on the album, each one carrying the term 'ethnic' in its name which precisely describes what these tracks are all about: pristine afro deep house enriched with elements of the various genres of ethnic (folkloristic) sounds the African continent has to offer. Truly inspiring and refreshing sounds for the dance floor..." ALEX PAOLONI ( big s/ radiopartygroove) "An album that hits you for Religious and Spiritual sound. The cadence and rhythm make tracks hypnotic and empathic. Sound research is what sets this work better, the results feel and appreciate listening after listening. The track number 7 and number 8 are absolutely my favorite. The album is fully in line with the genre afro, the work done by Massimo renews the passion and dedication smells for the genre and love for music that for years distinguish his career " RESCUE POETIX () "Powerhouse label MoBlack Records and powerhouse producer Caporale Massimiliano join forces to bring pounding rhythms with a Middle Eastern influence to Deep Afro House that the genre has been crying out for. M Caporale’s first eight track album “Ethnic” is scheduled for release May 1, 2015 on Traxsource. When I first heard this album, with its intro and outro, I was immediately taken in by the deeply sensual feel of the music and the underlying strength that the eight unique tracks weaved to create the full story that is “Ethnic”. This album is a pull away of what we think of as Deep Afro House and stands as a bar to aspire to the next level. Caporale first came into our sights in 2014, with releases such as Dadolè, Sensual Seduction, African Samba and Alegria that consistently show his passion for music and his commitment to excellence. Couple that with Mimmo Falcone’s brain child, MoBlack Records, which came into inception December 2013 and you have a force to contend with. Caporale’s Sensual Seduction was featured in a September 2014 Traxsource’s “Get to know” interview with MoBlack Records' CEO-founder Mimmo Falcone (alias MoBlack). “Ethnic” is unforgiving in the impact that it makes to the listener. Caporale’s first album is not a shy attempt at being noticed. “Ethnic” is as strong as the title points out. Catch this sneak peek of “Ethnic” and if pre-order were available through Traxsource, I’d say “Don’t Wait”." Credits: Wrtitten, Composed and Arranged by Massimiliano Caporale Mastered by Daniele (WaveLife) Mattiuzzi Cover Photo by Neftali Sun (Cameroon - Ghana)

Pablo Fierro Ethnic DreamsPablo Fierro Ethnic DreamsPablo Fierro Ethnic DreamsPablo Fierro Ethnic Dreams