Making a welcome return to WaveReform after last years Effe EP, Qindek is back with the kind of distinctive dancefloor alchemy that promises to get under your skin and create an unforgettable experience. Hailing from Deventer in the Netherlands, Thomas Lauren has already issued some essential releases over the past few years for labels as respected as Wolfskuil and Sneji, and now he comes back to WaveReform with one of his most potent creations to date. “Odeesjan” centres around a vocal hook that echoes out into a tense, minimalist space. Whether deep in the mix or presented on its own, it’s the kind of sound that can’t fail to be noticed as it looms large in between sparse metallic percussive touches, subtle hats and a rock-solid kick. Aside from that infectious vocal, one of the truly distinctive qualities in this track is the eerie pad that lingers in the background, subtly pulsing and shaping out a tension that Qindek proves to be a master of. Such a unique track deserves a unique remix, and so it is as Markus Henriksson re-imagines the mystical club killer as an emotive, electro-tinged masterpiece. Henriksson is best known as one half of legendary acts Minilogue and Son Kite, as well as developing his solo project Nobody Home, and he channels this considerable experience into building a cascading sculpture of electronic refinement. It’s the perfect heart-swaying foil to the psychological intensity of the original version, making this a record of two distinct, essential halves. The subtleties of both versions were brought to life even further by a respectful treatment from none other than Stefan Betke, better known as Pole, who mastered the release in his ~scape studio.

Hi-hats as sharp as a knife, hypno-synths combined with dark industrial sounds, merged into a technical oasis full of mysterious storylines. The Netherlands are lucky to add another great producer and live act to their list.
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Qindek - OdeesjanQindek - OdeesjanQindek - OdeesjanQindek - Odeesjan